Who Recognized Kosova/Kosovo? :) the Kosovar people thank you! (L)


The Republic of Kosovo Constitution (download PDF 239 KB) came into effect on 15th of June 2008. It contains many provisions from the Ahtisaari plan, guaranteeing specific rights to minority groups, and establishes a secular European oriented state in Europe.

Kosovo State Symbols

The state symbols of the Republic of Kosovo are: the flag, the emblem (Coat of Arms) and the anthem and are used according to Law Nr. 03/L-038.

Flag and Coat of Arms

Republic of Kosovo flag and coat of arms. Color specifications and vector formats available for download.

Original Kosovo Flag Coat of Arms of Republic of Kosovo

Anthem of Kosovo

On June 11th 2008, the Kosovar parliament adopted the National Anthem for the Republic of Kosova with 72 votes in favor, 15 against and 5 abstaining. The anthem has been composed by Mendi Mengjiqi.

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Download (MP3):
- Philharmonic Orchestra of Kosovo
- US Navy Band

Anthem of Kosovo Sheet Music

The following list has been provided to Kosovo Thanks You by the composer of the anthem, Mr. Mendi Mengjiqi, and has been categorized with the help of other contributors. Please find the following Music Sheet (formations) for download.




String Trio String Quartet String Orchestra


Woodwind Trio Woodwind Quartet Woodwind Quintet


Brass Trio Brass Quartet Brass Quintet


Modern Orchestra (score in C) Classical Orchestra (score transposed) Marching Orchestra Military Orchestra Wind Orchestra